Accessibility Plan

Admissions Policy for September 2021 Entry

Attendance Policy

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Careers Guidance Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy

CCTV Policy

Child protection and Safeguarding Policy

Children with Medical Needs who Cannot Attend School

Complaints Policy

Complaints Procedure Appendix

Collective Worship Policy

Curriculum Overview

Data Breach Policy

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy

Disability Equality Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Education in Human Love

Equalities & Diversity Statement

E Safety Policy

Examinations Policy

Exclusions Policy

Finance Policy

Grievance Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Home School Agreement

Homework Policy

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

ICT Policy for Staff

Lone Working Policy

Managing Allegations of Abuse against Staff Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Newly Qualified Teacher's Policy

Photograph and Images Policy

Professional Development and Appraisal Policy for Teaching Staff 

Records Retention Policy

Redeployment Policy

Redundancy Policy and Procedure

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy

SEND Offer

SEND Policy

Social Media Policy for Parents

Staff Discipline and Conduct Policy

Substance Misuse Policy

Teacher's Pay Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Visitors Policy

Wellbeing Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

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