Welcome to The John Fisher School Sixth Form. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for considering us as your destination for Post-16 studies. Whether you’ll be a returning student from Y11or a new student joining us from somewhere else, you’ll instantly become a lifetime member of the ‘Fisher Family’.
Founded in 1929, John Fisher is a school with a proud history. The school is outward looking and has a proven track record in providing high quality education for Sixth Form students, looking to take the next steps towards further education and/or professional employment.
There is a strong pastoral system which aims to instil the Christian values of Service, Integrity, Respect and Selflessness. Our Sixth Form welcomes students of all faiths or none and is guided by the underlying principle from the Bible (Romans 2:6) that God will “repay each person according to what they have done.” In short, at the John Fisher School Sixth Form, we believe that respecting your rights brings with it reward.
We want your time with us to be rewarding and fulfilling and believe that the Sixth Form is a positive opportunity for you to approach a new chapter in your life. Whilst we are proud members of our wider-school community, our Sixth Form is not an extension of Y11. You will be given more responsibility for managing your own learning and we encourage you to seize the opportunities available to you.
We believe that your experience over the next two years is going to be vital in shaping your future as you begin the transition from compulsory education into the world of work. As a rights-respecting school that promotes British Values, you can be assured that your fundamental rights will be honoured at all times. You will also be treated with respect from the very start. In this relationship of mutual respect, we hope to see you reap the rewards that will inevitably follow.
In our quest to get you ready for the transition from compulsory education, we want to establish a relationship that is more like one between an employer and employee, rather than a school teacher and pupil. Our policies, procedures and structures have all been created with this in mind.
Independent learning, self-motivation and self-control are the characteristics of the most successful student. We will support you closely; tracking your progress throughout the Sixth Form, in particular your general approach, or as we prefer to call it; your employability. There may be a need for difficult conversation along the way, but we are all working towards the same goal; ensuring you can reach your potential. The most successful students are those who can build consistent learning routines and we would encourage you to establish these as quickly as possible.
At the John Fisher Sixth Form, your potential must go beyond your academic syllabus. You will have the chance to engage in your chosen areas of study beyond the curriculum and the scope for intellectual and personal growth is enormous. You will have the chance to lead in the school and community, and every student has a role to play in upholding the ethos of the school and helping contribute to our positive and supportive community.
I look forward to welcoming you to our Sixth Form, and seeing you grow into an employable and competent young professional.
Mr. D Jackson
Director of Sixth Form