Concussion Advice

As with all sports, those that play rugby are at risk of injury. The Rugby Football Union have recently highlighted the dangers of concussion through their Headcase Campaign.

As part of the RFU's guidance, all staff involved in coaching rugby at John Fisher have completed the online course on the correct identification and treatment of concussion. It is highly recommended that all players and parents complete the relevant interactive web courses, which emphaise: 

      • Recognise the signs and symptoms
      • Remove the player from play
      • Recover fully before returning to sport
      • Return only after following a Graduated Return to Play

It is also worth noting that that the RFU has stated that whilst head guards will protect against superficial injuries to the head such as cuts and grazes, they do not protect against concussion. In fact, some studies have suggested that head guards may increase risk taking behaviours in some players. With regards to gum shields, again the RFU warns that they do not protect against concussion either although they are strongly recommended for all players as they do protect against dental and facial injuries.

Links to the RFU tutorials and further resources can be found to the right.