PE and Sport at John Fisher

The John Fisher School’s belief is that education is concerned with the whole human being, a rounded education, and that every student has the ability to achieve something worthwhile or even to excel in some field.

With this in mind, the main objective of the extra-curricular sports programme is to use the major sports offered at The John Fisher School to identify and develop pupils, especially if they have a talent, as achievement in one area so often proves to be the key to success in school life as a whole.

The sports programme relies heavily on the good will, passion and expertise of staff to commit to extra-curricular activities - both after-school and weekends throughout the year. In the first two terms the major sports are rugby union and cross country, turning to athletics and cricket in the summer term.

We have a national reputation at rugby, cricket, cross country and athletics. Each year boys receive county honours, with many having gone onto regional and national honours with England, Ireland, Wales or Scotland in school boy rugby and cricket in the last ten years. Each sport uses experienced coaches to enable the boys to reach their potential. We are extremely proud of our boys' achievements.

If you have any queries or questions, you can email, for the attention of Mr Street, Subject Leader of Physical Education/Rugby