Football at The John Fisher School predominantly takes place during the Spring term, following the conclusion of the rugby season.



However, the A team in each year group participate in various cup games that start slightly earlier in the year.

There are ample opportunities to represent the school, with teams spanning from Year 7 to Year 13. In some years, fixtures range from A to H teams.

These matches typically occur during games periods, and there is also a football club after school during the spring term.


Two large fields, one onsite and one offsite, provide the perfect platform for students to develop their skills.

Additionally, an indoor pitch located within the sports hall is available. The school's robust football program has helped many students improve their abilities,

with some even being scouted by professional teams in London.


Each year group participates in both the Sutton and Surrey Cups, achieving significant success in both competitions. In the 23/24 season, the Year 9, 10, and 11

teams all reached the finals of the Sutton Cup, with the Year 10 team winning the entire competition.

Mr Webb