Sixth Form RSHE Programme

All Sixth Form students receive dedicated RSHE time each week during which our specialist Sixth Form tutors cover a wide range of topics, skills and activities.  This is designed to supplement our academic curriculum and provide students with opportunities to develop, discuss and reflect.  We seek to prepare students to manage their current lives and lay the foundations for managing future experiences.
Our PSHE and Careers curriculum is underpinned by the RSHE standards, focusing on Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Learning opportunities in the wider world.  The programme aims to:
- promote students' moral, social, spiritual and cultural development, increasing their self-confidence.
- support every student to become a confident, healthy, considerate and responsible young adult.
- help equip each student with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about their next steps.
- provide opportunities for reflection on their achievements and develop personalised targets.
- encourage a spirit of enquiry and communication.
In Year 12 our focus is initially the effective transition to Post 16 study and helping to provide students with the capacity to understand, develop and manage relationships, learn independently through the setting of targets and to develop strategies for effective self regulation and time management.  Through the year, other areas are covered such as healthy eating, drug and alcohol awareness, debating, personal finance and first aid.  Opportunities for careers research and future applications are aslo provided.
In Year 13 support and advice in selecting and applying for University places or employment are our major focus, along with Careers advice and exposure to the full range of Post 18 options available.  In addition to this, the students receive practical advice and sessions on how to manage stress, with the option to discover meditation and relaxation techniques. 
All our Sixth Form students benefit from a range of speakers and guests to help inform and inspire them to achieve their potential.