E-Safety and Cyber Bullying

The John Fisher School believes that online safety (e-Safety) is an essential element of safeguarding students and adults in the digital world, when using technology such as computers, tablets, mobile phones or games consoles.

The John Fisher School identifies that the internet and information communication technologies are an important part of everyday life, so students must be supported to be able to learn how to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk and be empowered to build resilience online.

‘Stop It Now’ prevents child sexual abuse by engaging with and supporting adults, families and communities and through research and speaking out. Their booklet ‘The Internet and Children’ contains tips and jargon explanations.

‘Childnet International’ works in partnership with others around the world to help make the internet a great and safe place for children and produced a safety guide for parents and a Guide to Online Gaming.Top Tips for iPhone and Top Tips for iPad are guides produced by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

The John Fisher School allows all of its Sixth Form students to bring their own mobile device into school so that they can use them during private study to access a wide range of electronic learning materials and facilitate learning. As a school we strive to support the needs of each of our Sixth Form students and encourage the development of individual skills and talents. The school’s approach aims to develop the whole person and successfully equip each student for the challenges of life. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance learning opportunities and it has become increasingly clear that access to their own device will enable them to work in a more personalised way ensuring that they are best prepared for their future. Given that post-­‐16 students follow a more personalised curriculum, we have decided the Sixth Form students should be allowed to choose which device (if any) that they would like to use. There are PCs available in the Sixth Form LRC for any student not wishing to bring in their own device).

For more information about e-safety at The John Fisher School and to read our acceptable use policy please visit the school policies section.