School Health Nurse

The John Fisher School has a Health Nurse based on the school site. Her role is to work in partnership with school to support its students.

Our nurse supports with:
    • Emotional health and wellbeing
    • Puberty and Sexual Health
    • Personal Health and Relationships
    • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
    • Risky behaviours e.g. smoking cessation, alcohol advice

In addition, our nurse also:
    • Supports across transitional stages of school life
    • Can make referrals and signposting to specialist services

Duty of Care

Our  Nursing Service is a confidential service for Children and Young People. This means that they can discuss personal information in the trust that their information will not be shared without their permission. However, she would pass on information if she felt it was necessary to protect the young person, or to protect somebody else. Where possible, she would always try to discuss this with the young person first.  On every occasion the school nurse would advise children and young people to inform their parents and carers when they have been to see the School Nurse

Accessing the School Health Nurse

Children and young people can access the School Health Nurse via several methods:
     Attending drop-in at lunch this is an open daily access where no appointment is necessary
    • Self-referral via slips outside Ms Highfield’s office
    • Referral requested by parents and carers
    • Parents and carers can also ask for advice by telephoning the school