Mental Health Resources

It is well documented that students who are mentally healthy are better are better able to participate and flourish in all aspects of school life. However, for a range of reasons, some children experience a range of emotional and behavioural problems that are outside the normal range for their age or gender. These children and young people could be described as experiencing mental health problems or disorders.

The John Fisher School are understanding of the pressures students face, both academically and socially, and have a range of systems in place to support students. Indeed, the Talk Easy Trust was set up by a former student with the aim of raising the awareness of mental health issues. In addition to this service students have access to our chaplainct team, inclusion co-ordinator (Mrs Highfield), and our school nurse.

Sources of Support and Information

Listed below are a number of national support and information services offering assistance for child mental health issues. Further details can be found by downloading the document on the right.

   • Childline
   • Counselling MindEd
   • Education Endowment Foundation
   • HeadMeds
   • MindEd
   • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
   • Place2Be
   • Relate
   • Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPSYCH)
   • Women’s Aid
   • Young Minds