Collective Worship and Team Meetings

Collective Worship

The aim of Collective Worship is to provide the opportunity for students to: 
• worship God 
• reflect on values that are based on Gospel Values 
• develop a community spirit, a common ethos and shared values 
• consider spiritual and moral issues 
• respond to the worship offered. 

As The John Fisher School is a Catholic school, all those parents/carers seeking entry for their children are required to agree to them taking part in Team Meetings/assemblies, which follows the usual Christian traditions. The Education Act requires all schools to hold an Act of Worship (of an essentially Christian nature) every day. 

At our school the Collective Worship weekly assembly is one of the most important aspects of the school curriculum. The assembly is when the school community, or part of it, usually a year group, meets together to perform a collective act of worship. Its potential to nurture a positive ethos that stresses Gospel values in action cannot be underestimated.  Wherever possible students are encouraged to take a lead and be actively involved be it delivering or singing in the choir.  Themes for collective worship follow the Liturgical calendar.

In addition to daily collective worship, opportunities for collective worship exist at The John Fisher School through: 
• Form Masses
• House Masses
• Feast Day and other special Masses
• Founder’s Day Masses
• Weekly Benediction
• Monthly ‘Epilogue’
• Retreat programme for Years 7 and 10
• Sacrament of Reconciliation
• Faith Club

Year Team Meetings

Every Student has a weekly team meeting in the school Hall where the focus for this assembly is on PSHE, academic issues and pupil welfare, and begins with operational notices.  Every form delivers one assembly per year, and every half term, the Director of Learning delivers an achievement assembly.