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School Fund - How can you help?

For one child at our school we would ask for a contribution to the school fund of £300 per annum and thereafter £150 per annum for each additional child. We would also ask you all to sign the Gift Aid Declaration, and those of you who are income tax or capital gains taxpayers can help the school further by enabling us to claim back the basic rate of income tax on your donations. Last year we claimed a further £19,500 from the Inland Revenue.

The capital funding the school receives is insufficient to develop and improve our buildings to meet the needs of the students. In recent years the school has had to replace the roof on its Founders building, its Design Technology building, replace all of the windows in the Science building and we are currently in the process of replacing the roof on the Old Gym.

Our mission at The John Fisher School is an emphasis on all-round development, so that all our students are well prepared for the wider world beyond school. As well as the excellent academic opportunities, we also provide an immense range of extended activities to develop each individual. Our decision making is driven entirely by what is best for our young Catholic gentlemen and by doing so we enhance their life chances. There is a strong emphasis on cultural capital and through our Enrichment Programme, we offer all students a wide array of opportunities to develop additional skills ranging from: competitive sports, drama (Shakespeare Schools Festival), chess and the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award. We offer a variety of sports at all levels with highly successful teams in rugby, cricket, football, basketball, cross country running and athletics.

Government funding provides the school with the resources for day-to-day teaching and learning but it does not contribute towards the wide range of extra-curricular activities that makes The John Fisher School so special. Unfortunately, we are not able to subsidise the extra activities and we are asking parents/carers to help us so that we can continue to provide the rich and diverse experiences that are a hallmark of The John Fisher School. In these difficult times I am reinforcing my appeal to parents/carers to join me in donating to the School Fund to help fund the numerous opportunities for development outside-of-the-classroom.

I hope that we can come together as a community to support each other so that every single student has the same opportunity. Over the years the generous donations of our parents/carers have become our lifeline, supporting the huge extra-curricular programme, for example, in music and sport, of which we are rightly proud. All of this is now under severe threat without the financial support from you as parents/carers.

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This will continue until my instruction to cancel.




Standing Order Form and Gift Aid Declaration