Parent and Expectations Evenings

At the beginning of each academic year the Headteacher and senior staff members meet with the parents/carers of each group. The aim of these evenings is to present parents/carers with information about our high expectations and about the nature of academic life.

Parents/carers of each year group are also invited to school throughout the year so that the teaching staff can update parents/carers on the progress that their son is making in each of the subject areas.

The presentations/recordings from our 2020/2021 Parent Information Evenings are available below:

2020/2021  Parents' Evening Dates 

Year 7 - Thursday 25th February 2021
Year 8 - Thursday 29th April 2021 
Year 9 - Thursday 20th May 2021  
Year 10 - Thursday 19th November 2020  
Year 11 - Thursday 4th February 2021
Year 12 - Thursday 25th March 2021
Year 13 - Thursday 21st January 2021