Parent Teacher Meetings and Expectations Evenings


At the beginning of each academic year the Headteacher and senior staff members meet with the parents/carers of each year group.  The aim of these evenings is to present parents/carers with information about our high expectations and about the nature of academic life.  Parents/carers of each year group are also invited to attend Parent Teacher Meetings throughout the year so that the teaching staff can update them on the progress that their son is making in each of the subject areas.


2021/2022  Parent Teacher Meeting Dates 

These will take place remotely for Years 7, 10, 11, 12 & 13.
Year 7 - Thursday 24th February 2022
Year 8 - Thursday 28th April 2022
Year 9 - Thursday 19th May 2022  
Year 10 - Thursday 18th November 2021  
Year 11 - Thursday 3rd February 2022
Year 12 - Thursday 24th March 2022
Year 13 - Thursday 20th January 2022