Interim Monitoring and Reporting

Interim Monitoring Progress Reports

Parents/carers of students in all years will be sent an “Interim Monitoring Progress Report” three times annually in addition to the annual summative report.  Evidence will be provided, by each subject teacher about the student’s:

•  Current Level of attainment (expressed as progress measure, GCSE or A Level grade/number or BTEC level) – Year 7 & 8 will be measured as above, on, below expected progress to reflect the KS3 assessment policy.
•  Behaviour (expressed on a scale of 1 – 5, where 5 indicates excellence and 1 a major cause for concern) – new from Sept 2017.
•  Effort (expressed on a scale of 1 – 5, where 5 indicates excellence and 1 a major cause for concern) – new from Sept 2107.
•  For all GCSE and A Level IM, a Professional Prediction will also be recorded.This will be a subjective prediction based on all available attainment.

End of Year Summative Report

At the end of the Summer Term each subject will provide a comprehensive written report for Years 7-10 that refers to the student’s:

•  Knowledge & understanding.
•  Strengths and weaknesses in terms of subject specific skills and core skills.
•  Targets for further progress.
•  Attainment (expressed in relation to progress or GCSE/BTEC grade).
•  Behaviour
•  Effort in Classwork and Homework

These reports will also include a “Form Tutor’s Statement” in which an overview of the student’s personal development is given.  This will include mention of his academic progress, but will focus on his behaviour, his attendance and punctuality, his contribution to the life of the school and any special achievements.

The Year 11 annual report is issued in February.

Years 12 & 13

Years 12 & 13 (`A’ Level and BTEC candidates) use a different style of reporting.  These are a combination of Subject Specific Targets and Interim Monitoring grades.  These are sent to parents/carers in November, December and March.