Headteacher's Welcome

The John Fisher School has a proud history of helping boys to become the best young men that they can, and I am honoured to have been appointed to lead the school.

Life at The John Fisher School places strong emphasis on cultivating the intellect through the academic programme, but also encompasses other aspects of personal growth through a vibrant and varied wider curriculum and excellent pastoral care.

The all-round development at the heart of the school’s mission includes moral and spiritual formation. At The John Fisher School, we want our students to become great young men who will add value to the lives of others. That is why we encourage them to cultivate key habits – or virtues – such as generosity, sincerity, a spirit of service and self-discipline that will help them at school and in later life. This emphasis on virtue, and on the wider curriculum, does not detract from the academic purpose of the school; on the contrary, it gives our students the best possible chance of success in their endeavours, academic and otherwise.

Our Catholic ethos is central to the life of the school. We aim to provide the formation needed for our students to strengthen their faith as they journey towards adulthood, but always with a light touch which respects their freedom. At The John Fisher School, faith is proposed rather than imposed. Above all, we want our students to come to understand that it is only through making a gift of themselves that they will ultimately fulfil their potential.

As a boys' school, we understand what makes boys tick.  We enjoy their energy, their humour, their ideas and their zest for life, and that helps us to create a culture in which they will flourish.  

If you share our vision of an education which values high academic achievement while recognising the importance of creating grounded and well-rounded young men, I hope you will consider The John Fisher School for your son and come and see us on our Open Evening on Thursday 4th July 2024 4.30-7.30pm. Please register here


Mr R F Teague