Values and Ethos
Why does The John Fisher School exist?
Founded in 1929, The John Fisher School currently caters for close to 1200 students.  The John Fisher School is a Catholic secondary school for boys of all abilities and all backgrounds. It exists to serve the educational needs of the Catholic community of Sutton, Croydon and neighbouring areas. As such, it will at all times seek, via opportunities for worship and prayer, and via the teaching of its religious studies programme, to deepen and enrich the Catholic faith of all its students. Further we seek to provide for these same students, access to a range of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities. There is an ethos of care and consideration for others at The John Fisher School and we believe that Christian selflessness should be part of all our dealings with one another.
We are a values-led school.  Seven Christian values underpin all aspects of life at John Fisher:
  • Acceptance
  • Service
  • Perserverence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Enjoyment
  • Selflessness
Our School Mission:
Aspiring for Academic, Cultural and Sporting Excellence.

Wellbeing is the foundation of ensuring each boy at his best.
At John Fisher, we focus on ensuring wellbeing is ingrained in the daily life of the school community.
We provide a preventive approach to wellbeing by instilling four cornerstones of health and wellbeing into the fabric of school life and our community. The cornerstones are Spiritual Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing.
The spiritual dimension is of fundamental importance to our school. In addition to timetabled Religious Education lessons, each day begins with an act of collective worship. The School is fortunate in having a beautiful Chapel which allows students to participate in a range of opportunities for collective and personal worship. Masses, Benediction, Liturgies and a retreat programme are an important aspect of life at our school.
Our curriculum offer features a range of subjects and qualifications allowing students to select courses that they are engaged in and are able to achieve. These include traditional offerings Maths, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences but also include vocational qualifications in Sport, ICT and Business. They are all lead by subject specialists who are passionate about their subjects and keen to foster a love of learning in our students.
There is a strong emphasis on cultural enrichment with activities which include Music, Drama, Art, Debating and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We encourage participation in cultural activities and students have ample opportunities for students to learn instruments and perform in a range of groups. Lessons are available in violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, a variety of brass, drums, guitar, piano and keyboard. We offer a range of day trip and residentials overseas which support the curriculum to include trips to France, Spain and Belgium. We have ski trips to Austria and the USA and tours to South Africa. There is also the World Challenge Expedition taking students further afield, such as trips to Borneo, to broaden the students’ cultural horizons.
John Fisher provides a sporting environment which caters for our diverse community through the provision of a variety of sporting activities for all students who wish to participate in sport, regardless of ability. We offer a variety of sports at all levels with teams in football, rugby, cricket, basketball, athletics and cross country.
Students of all ages have opportunities to develop their leadership skills, for example with the Student Council, prefect and head boys’ roles, Art Captains, the ‘SpeakOut’ challenge, ‘First Give’ charity forum and the digital leaders programme.