Student Voice

At The John Fisher School we care about what the students think and take time to listen to their views. Whilst the School Council forms an integral part of student voice, The John Fisher School consults with students in a range of ways to ensure that their voice is heard.

During review days student panels give feedback to staff on the area of focus. Most recently Year 9 have provided feedback on their transition to GCSE courses and Year 12 students have considered their level of independent learning and suggested ways in which staff can help to develop this.

Students are often invited to interview applicants for Leadership positions, with candidates often saying that it was the most gruelling part of the process! Similarly student opinion is sought in an objective way when teaching a lesson which forms part of the interview process for any teaching role.

When developing strategies and initiative that will directly impact students their views are considered and are often most inciteful. The recently adopted Behaviour Policy and Punctuality Protocols received the seal of approval from focus groups.

The most regular form of student voice occurs in lessons when students provide feedback on their learning. Teaching staff will then use this information to identify general areas of weakness and even modify their teaching style to better suit the needs of the class.

If you have any queries or questions, please email, for the attention of Mr J Souici, Coordinator of RSHE.