School Leadership

Strong leadership is crucial for maintaining and improving The John Fisher School.  The school is fortunate to have a strong senior and middle leadership structure which drives innovation and change across the school.

The Senior Leadership Team


Mr P. E. McCullagh

Assistant Headteachers:

Mr A. Dean, Assistant Headteacher: Professional Development, Coaching, Partnerships & Well-being.

Mr J. Evans, Assistant Headteacher: Quality of Teaching, Research School, Student Workload & Transition.

Mr D. Mawer, Assistant Headteacher: Christian Character, Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity.

Mr N. Owen, Assistant Headteacher: Assessment, Data, Aspiration, Progression & Workload.

Mr I. Jones, Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum, Examinations & Timetable.

Mr J. Barry, Subject Leader: RE

Mr M. Cotton, Subject Leader: English

Mr J. Dawkins, Director of Learning: Year 10

Mr B. Woolford, Director of  Sixth Form


Mrs E. Kenny

School Business Manager:

Mrs A. Smith

School Office Manager/Headteacher's PA:

Mrs H. Palmer


The Middle Leadership Team

Subject Leaders:

Miss R. Alford-Sancto (Media Studies)

Miss Y. Castro (MFL)

Mr M. Cotton (English)
Mrs. N. Davis (ICT)
Mr H. Dendi-Raji (Business Studies)
Miss C. Drozd (Geography)
Mr W. Fell (Chemistry)
Mr S. Grimes (Economics)
Miss R. Hall (Science)
Miss S. Harrington-Booth (Music)
Mr C. Harwood (Physics)‚Äč
Mr D. Jackson (History)
Mr R. McKenzie (Art)
Miss F. Mozammel (Biology)

Mr A. Rebello (Technology)

Mr D Stanton (Mathematics)
Mr T. Street (Physical Education)
Mr A. Thistle (Psychology & Sociology)
Miss. F. Tyrell (Drama)
Mr B. Woolford (Government and Politics)


Directors of Learning:

Year 7:  Mr D. Fell

Year 8:  Miss S. Carquez

Year 9:  Mr R. Briggs

Year 10:  Mr J. Dawkins

Year 11:  Mr K Tomlinson

Director of Sixth Form:  Mr B Woolford