School Leadership

Strong leadership is crucial for maintaining and improving The John Fisher School.  The school is fortunate to have a strong senior and middle leadership structure which drives innovation and change across the school.

The Senior Leadership Team


Mr P. E. McCullagh: Catholic ethos, Strategic oversight and Overal effectiveness.

Assistant Headteachers:

Mr A. Dean, Assistant Headteacher: Professional Development, Wellbeing & Partnerships.

Mr J. Evans, Assistant Headteacher: Teaching & Learning, Transition & Attendance.

Mr I. Jones, Assistant Headteacher: Curriculum, Timetable & Examinations.

Mr D. Mawer, Assistant Headteacher: Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

Mr N. Owen, Assistant Headteacher: Assessment, Reporting & Data.


Mr J. Barry, Subject Leader: RE

Miss S. Carquez, Raising Standards Leader

Mr B. Woolford, Director of  Sixth Form



Mrs K. Hall

School Business Manager:

Miss A. Smith

School Office Manager/Headteacher's PA:

Mrs H. Palmer


The Middle Leadership Team

Subject Leaders:

Miss Y. Castro (MFL)

Mrs. N. Davis (ICT)
Mr S. Grimes (Business Studies & Economics)
Mrs C. Jones (Geography)
Mr P. Hall (Chemistry)
Mrs R. Woolcock (Science)
Miss S. Harrington-Booth (Music & Spiritual Care)
Mr C. Harwood (Physics)‚Äč
Mr D. Jackson (History)
Mr R. McKenzie (Art)
Miss F. Mozammel (Biology)

Mr J. Osborne (Physical Education)

Mr A. Paul (Media Studies)

Mr A. Rebello (Technology)

Mrs S. Ryder (English)

Mr D. Stanton (Mathematics)
Mr A. Thistle (Psychology & Sociology)
Miss F. Tyrell (Drama)
Mr B. Woolford (Government and Politics)


Directors of Learning:


Year 7 : Mr D. Fell

Year 8 : Miss S. Sayers

Year 9 : Mr K. Tomlinson

Year 10 :  Mrs C. Butcher

Year 11 : Mr R. Briggs

Director of Sixth Form : Mr B. Woolford