At The John Fisher School, we have a dedicated and committed team of governors.  As these members can be a part of important decisions, the school makes sure that they follow guidelines meaning no possibilities of conflict or bias decisions occur.  Each member of staff or member of the governining body should ensure that, before they become involved in making a decision, or participate in a discussion, or authorise any transaction on any matter, there are no conflicts of interest that, in the opionion of a fair-minded and informed observer, would suggest a real possibility of bias.  In the interests of transparancy and accountability, the governing body are required to register in advance interests that are capable of causing conflict.  In addition, in relation to specific decisions, disclosure should be made of any interests that might conflict with their duties.
The governing body will remain accountable for any decisions taken relating to functions delegated to a committee, and the committee must report on any such decisions at the following full governing body (FGB) meeting. All governors can also be members of panels from which members may be selected to form an ad hoc committee if and when required to deal with matters relating to a specific incident or individual.
Governors do not need to be experts on education but they do need to be interested in young people and in how schools can do the best they possibly can for their students. Governors are expected to act in accordance with the Christian values of the school’s proud traditions, work constructively with a range of stakeholders and be able to work as part of a team. There is a code of conduct for governors which can be found in this section.
Governors need to be able to make time to attend meetings – usually early evening – and to come into school on occasions.
School governance is a voluntary role – but it is not an ‘amateur’ one.  The schools minister said the following regarding school governance: “governance is a highly professional, highly responsible job, performing an absolutely critical role.”
The Department for Education sets out more details of the role of a governor in its’ Governance Handbook’. The Governing Body at The John Fisher School are members of the National Governance Association (NGA). From time to time the school has vacancies for parent and appointment governors and the Headteacher/Chair of Governors would welcome an informal discussion with anyone interested in joining the school as a governor.
If you have any queries about the work of the Governing Body, please email for the attention of the Clerk to Governors.
To raise any concerns regarding safeguarding with the Governors please email

School Governance Update October 2020


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark

Foundation Governors

Mr S Drury (Chair)
Fr G Bradley
Mrs P Cook
Mr D Eade
Mr A Hazeldine CBE
Mr M Hewitt
Mrs A McGowan MBE
Mr J White


Ms S Nasser

Parent Governors

Mrs C Forde
Mrs J Cole

Staff Governors

Mr P. E. McCullagh - Headteacher
Mr J Dawkins


Clerk To Governors

Mrs L. Redding