Jack Petchey


What are the Jack Petchey Awards?

The Jack Petchey Foundation was set up by Jack Petchey in 1999. It gives grants to programmes and projects that benefit young people aged 11 – 25, the main aim being to raise the aspirations of young people, to help them to take advantage of opportunities and play a full part in society.

Jack Petchey, now in his eighties, is one of the UK’s most successful businessmen. A Londoner, he came from a fairly disadvantaged background but, despite this, he started work at a very young age and with just £60.00 to his name, created a car sales business. This business and other projects have made him a millionaire several times over. In 2004 he was awarded an OBE and a CBE in 2011, in recognition of his services to young people.

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award aims to enable schools, colleges and youth organisations in London and Essex to recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of young people. Jack Petchey wants young people to be able to believe in themselves and make a contribution to society.  The Awards are given not just for being clever or gifted but about putting in effort and doing your best. The winner is acknowledged publicly and receives a certificate, a badge and £200 to be spent on a school project of the recipient’s choice.

Jack Petchey Awards at The John Fisher School

The School is fortunate enough to have been nominated and accepted on this hugely popular and sought after award scheme.  We are on the ‘Gold’ scheme which awards £200 per winner from September until June.  The criteria for nominations are stringent as are the selection process when awarding a winner and use of the award monies.  The winners cannot simply spend it on themselves!

We have also recognised our staff for the contribution they make above and beyond their normal role. Mr. Street (Head of Sport) was the latest winner of the Leader Award for his dedication to sport outside the normal curriculum time. Mr. Street gives up his time most weekends to help run the extracurricular provision and allow up to 400 students to participate in sport.

Award winners can be viewed at the following links:

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