Year 8 Great Debating Competition

Throughout the month of June twelve Year 8 students worked on improving their debating skills ready for the Great Year 8 Debating Competition. This was a House Competition initiated by Mr Fell, Director of Learning for Yr 8  and Miss Smith, Subject Leader for History. The twelve students were allowed to choose the motions to debate and they then worked with Miss Smith to research their arguments and prepare their speeches.  They were taught the art of rebuttal, how to structure an argument and how to engage an audience. Some of the boys visited the Year 10 Debating club on Wednesday lunchtimes to get some tips on how to improve their performance. The motions debated were:

This House believes that School Uniform should be banned.  Proposing the motion: Liam Shannon and Kelvin Dodoo (More House)  Opposing the motion: Christi Anoop and Jeshin Murugiah (Newman House) 

This House believes that Physical Education should be compulsory. Proposing the motion: Kwame Tomlin and Don Sey (Fisher House) Opposing the motion: Joe Barry and Dillan Balachandran (Bede House).

This House believes that Homework should be banned.  Proposing the motion: Bobby Perkins and Liam Brant (Challoner House) Opposing the motion: Brandon Sharpe and Kristian  Bowes (Becket House).   

The judging panel was made up of the Yr 10 debating team and our very successful Yr 12 Debating team.  They gave useful and constructive feedback to the boys at the end of their speeches.  

The Winning Team was Joe and Dillan for Bede House (see picture)

The Best Debater was Brandon for Becket House (see picture)

If any Year 8 students have been inspired by the debate they can attend the Wednesday lunchtime debating club and come along to the national competitions we participate in!