JFS welcomes back Bill Dodwell

We were delighted to welcome back former student Bill Dodwell to talk to 40 Sixth Form students about his career, the challenges he has faced and what the future holds for UK Tax Law! With many of our students opting for a career in Accountancy and Finance, we were delighted to welcome Bill back. Bill leads the Tax Policy Group, which manages tax knowledge, training, and government representations & consultations with the OECD, HM Treasury and HMRC. His clients are mainly UK and US headquartered companies. Bill regularly speaks to the press on tax matters and is vice president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Bill has law degrees from King’s College, London and Queens’ College Cambridge. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and chartered accountant.

We have tried very hard to open the eyes of our students beyond simply going to University. Many now go down the School Leavers Programs (SLP's) undertaken by many of the large firms in the UK. Deloitte, along with KPMG and EY, run superb SLP's and with 3 current Year 13's having accepted places on these, the interest in hearing Bill was high.

Bill delivered an excellent talk- which when considering the topic of Tax, is quite impressive! He used diagrams to illustrate basic, yet important points, with the students getting the opportunity to ask questions and individual queries relating to their own career choices.

As always, we welcome any Old Boy who wishes to come in and visit the School, talk to the students or see the new Sir David Lane Building. Just email