Government & Politics

As a subject we teach the boys about the UK political system, its functions and features and how effective it actually is. However as a school and department we do not agree with the above quote and we also teach our boys the consequences of power and the impact decisions made by the powerful have on the wider world.


Parliament Trip

Every year we aim to take the AS boys to Parliament to meet with the school’s local MP and have a tour of the two houses. Whilst in Westminster we visit the Supreme Court which gives them insight into the higher workings of the judiciary. Finally we try and visit speaker’s corner in Hyde Park to see democracy in action.

Question Time

In 2013 we welcomed the whole sixth form to the ‘Question Time @ JFS’ event. It followed much the same mould as the well known contemporary affairs programme. The panel last year included Tom Brake MP, Gavin Barwell MP a member of the Labour party running for Parliament, a member of UKIP and a member of the British Communist Party. Hosted by our very own Head of Sixth Form it was an excellent occasion and the boys got a great deal out of it.


Useful Resources


Edexcel Government and Politics for AS Fourth Edition, Hodder Education (for AS)

Political Ideologies, An introduction, 5th Edition, Palgrave Macmillan (for A2)

Edexcel Government and Politics for A2, Ideologies, 2nd Edition Hodder Education (for A2)

Websites This is an excellent website for finding out what a particular MP is up to in Parliament. How did they vote on the ‘big issues’? Did they follow the party line or rebel? This is seen as the definitive website for all the political news of the moment. Although this is an American journal it has an incredible amount of UK political issues (just make sure you get the UK one!). The good old BBC. It is becoming a little unbalanced and veering to the left but still very good at producing political news and analysis.

There are many other websites including the websites of the major political parties that should be looked at. Equally follow politicians on twitter especially Boris Johnson who has made some very funny tweets over the years. However most importantly you must read the newspapers and watch at least one news programme a day to ensure you are kept up to date with what is going on. Please also consult the course booklet for more resources.