The English Department has a well-rounded curriculum which covers a range of text types across all year groups; including text from different cultural, social and historical backgrounds as well as a selection of print and moving image media.

Students are encouraged to start reading more widely and independently from Year 7 with dedicated library lessons once a fortnight using the Accelerated Reader scheme. This contributes to their wider literacy skills in other subject areas. There is also a range of popular extra-curricular activities run by the English department such as the Poet Laureate Award, Challenge Days, Writing Competitions, theatre trips, etc.

KS3 Year 7&8

KS3 pupils study a range of texts including the following authors: Shakespeare, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, John Steinbeck and Perkins. They are able to engage with a range of fiction and non-fiction reading and writing tasks from across a broad range of cultural and historical periods. KS3 pupils are assessed using the department’s ‘Skills Ladders’ for Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. English homework is set weekly and books are marked in detail twice a half term to ensure pupils are making progress in their learning. Pupils are expected to peer and self-assess their work regularly to show their own understanding of their learning.

KS4 Years 9-11

The English department uses the OCR Exam board and offers all pupils the opportunity to sit a dual award, completing both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature courses.

KS4 pupils study a range of texts including the following authors: Kelly, Shakespeare, Stevenson and a range of poets from different time periods. A significant part of the course is dedicated to non-fiction reading and writing skills to prepare pupils both for their examinations and for life beyond school.

KS5 A Level English

The English Department currently runs two different A Level English options:

  • OCR Literature and Language
  • OCR Literature

The OCR Literature & Language course combines fiction and non-fiction literature studies with a fiction and non-fiction writing component including a range of traditional and modern authors such as: Fitzgerald, Butterworth, Capote, Brosh and Blake. Pupils who study this course have gone on to read for History, Law, Journalism, English, Media and Education.

The OCR Literature course looks at a range of traditional and modern fiction texts such as: Chaucer, Shakespeare, McEwan, Butterworth and Fitzgerald. Pupils who study this course have gone on to read for History, Politics, Law, English, Psychology, Economics and Business.