Physical Education - Core PE Lessons

During Key Stage 3 students become more expert in their skills and techniques, and how to apply them in different activities. They start to understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others' work. They learn to take the initiative and make decisions for themselves about what to do to improve performance. They start to identify the types of activity they prefer to be involved with, and to take a variety of roles such as leader and official.

During Key Stage 4 students tackle complex and demanding activities applying their knowledge of skills, techniques and effective performance. They decide whether to get involved in physical activity that is mainly focused on competing or performing, promoting health and well-being, or developing personal fitness. They also decide on roles that suit them best including performer, coach, choreographer, leader and official. The view they have of their skillfulness and physical competence gives them the confidence to get involved in exercise and activity out of school and in later life.




Kit Requirements

All boys are required to bring the following kit to all PE lessons:
     Athletics Vest or White Polo Shirt depending on Activity
     House Shorts
     White Socks
     White non-marking trainers