History - Key Stage 5

The OCR course is a linear, two year course covering three key topics. These are:

The French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon 1774-1815

The causes of the French Revolution from 1774 and the events of 1789

The Revolution from October 1789 to the Directory 1795

Napoleon Bonaparte to 1807

The decline and fall of Napoleon 1807-1815


Britain 1930-1997

Enquiry topic: Churchill 1930-1951

Churchill's view of events 1929-1940

Churchill as wartime Prime Minister

Churchill and international diplomacy 1939-1951

British Period Study 1951-1997

Conservative domination 1951-1964

Labour and Conservative governments 1964-1979

Thatcher and the end of consensus 1979-1997

Britain's position in the world 1951-1997


Britain and Ireland 1791-1921

Thematic Study: Britain and Ireland 1791-1921

Opposition to the Union

Support for the Union

The Union and reform

The Irish economy and the link to Irish Nationalism

Depth Studies: Britain and Ireland 1791-1921

Irish Rebellions and the British Responses 1791-1803

O-Connell and the British Governments 1823-1841

The Crisis over Home Rule 1908-1914


Coursework: Topic based essay (3000-4000 words): This is based on a topic from any of the three units covered above.