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GCSE results 12.08.2021

The John Fisher School is delighted to share an excellent set of GCSE results attained by its Year 11 students, marking another year of amazing achievements adding to the school’s existing legacy of academic excellence.

The highlights are:

33% of all the school’s GCSE grades were a 7+, the equivalent to an A*-A grade.

An amazing 35% of students achieved a 7+ in English and 49% achieved a 7+ in Maths.

92% of students achieved 5 A*-C (4+) grades including English and Maths.

97% of students secured a 4+ in English and 95% of students gained a 4+ in Maths.

88% of all grades were a 4+ and 72% were a 5+. 

81% of students secured a strong pass (5+) in Maths and 89% secured a strong pass (5+) in English.

79% of students gained a 5+ in both their Maths and English.

95% of students gained a 4+ in both their English and Maths.

Anthony L. in Year 11 said “I am very happy and am glad to be able to come back in September. I am delighted with my 7 in English Language, 8 in English Literature and 8 in Maths. Next year, I am going to study English Literature, Applied Science and Sociology in the Sixth Form. Thank you to the staff at John Fisher who helped me so much.”

Headteacher Mr McCullagh said “our Year 11 students have shown a great strength of character. They can take much pride in their amazing achievements against the odds. Our parents/carers, team of staff and school governors can also be incredibly proud. It was important to celebrate with the students this morning as they have demonstrated such remarkable resilience and determination.  The students have navigated their way through a difficult year and we look forward to continuing to work with them over the next two year period.”

Behind the statistics, there are some stand out individual stories.  The following students achieved  7, 8 or 9 grades: Shanjyan R. (8 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s), Chukwuebuka N. (8 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s), Chizoba N. (7 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s), James R.

(6 x 9’s, 6 x 8’s), Alessandro P. (6 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s),  Callum D. (5 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s, 1 x 7), Joshua T. (5 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s, 1 x 7), George J. (5 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s, 1 x 7’s), Aiden S. (4 x 9’s , 6 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s) and Irvin K. (4 x 9’s , 3 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s).

A-level results 10.08.2021

The John Fisher School is please to report outstanding achievements by its students in their A-level results.  55% of all grades were equivalent to an A*/A grade.  79% were A*-B, 93% A*-C grades and 100% A*-E.

This year, following the cancellation of examinations, grades were awarded through a process of teacher assessed grades, against a national standard and approved and awarded by the examination boards. The government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the varying impact of the pandemic.

Whilst there are many notable success stories amongst these results, special mention must be made of these students: Shaun B (5 A*’s) who will be studying Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London, Piotr B (4 A*’s, 1 A) who will study Theoretical Physics at King’s College London, Luke B (3 A*’s, 1 A,) who will be studying Aeronautical Engineering with a placement year at Loughborough University, Nathan F (3 A*’s) who will be studying Computer Science at the University of Southampton and Daniel F (2 A*, 2 A’s) who will be studying Biomedical Science at the University of Brighton. Other superb performances included Alex C (2 A*, 1 A) who will be studying Accounting and Finance at King’s College London, Connor C (2 A*’s, 1 A) who will study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Nottingham, Dylan K (2A*’s, 1A) who will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Warwick, Matteo D (2 A*’s, 1 A) who will study Physiotherapy at St. George’s University of London, Kieran P (2A*’s, 1 A) who will be studying Marketing at the University of Southampton and Konrad G (2 A*’s, 1 A)  who will be studying Medicine at the University of Gdansk, Poland and Mario B (2A*’s, 1 A’s) who will be remaining at The John Fisher School to support in the Science Department.

At Btec, the following students excelled: Oliver C, Alain A, Ari X, Callum M, Cian T, Jake M and Conor O. These academic qualifications are icing on the cake for Conor O who was recently selected for the Harlequins Rugby Union Senior Academy.

The school’s Headteacher, Mr McCullagh, said: “We are extremely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such an extraordinary year. Our teachers and support staff members have worked tirelessly to ensure students are all able to progress onto further education, employment or training, and we are excited about what they can achieve in the future. It is important that we celebrate these achievements particularly under such difficult circumstances. It has been widely reported that the Class of 2021 have suffered more educational disruption than any other year group since the Second World War.”

Prospective students are invited to attend the Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 4th November 2021 to find out why John Fisher could be the right school for them.



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