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GCSE results 20.08.20

The John Fisher School has another strong set of GCSE results, with 28% of all the school’s GCSE grades being a 7+, the equivalent to an A*-A grade and 82% 5 A*-C (4+) including English and Maths,  92% of students securing a 4+ in English and 95% of students gaining a 4+ in Maths.

An amazing 39% of students achieved a 7+ in Maths. Other strong performances include 63% of all grades in Chemistry being 7+ grades, 64% 7+ in Physics (53%) and 65% 7+ grades

Behind the statistics and numbers, there are many astonishing success stories:  The following students achieved 7, 8 or 9: Swierzewski P. (11 x 9’s, 1 x 8), Jeshin M. (8 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s), Liam B (6 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s), David G (6 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s), Joe B (5 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s), Joseph K (4 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s), Joey C (3 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s), Rueban O (3 x 9’s , 5 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s), Joshva J (3 x 9’s , 3 x 8’s, 1 x 7), Rocco N (3 x 9’s , 3 x 8’s, 1 x 7), Ryan O (2 x 9’s , 10 x 8’s).


 A-level results 13.08.20

Students and staff at The John Fisher School are celebrating success with their A-level and Btec results. At A-level, 20% of all grades were A*-A (increase of 4%) and 34% A*-A with Btec equivalents (increase of 3%). 46% of grades at A-level were A*-B (increase of 2%) and 51% A*-B with Btec equivalents. At A-level, 74% of grades were A*-C and overall there was a 99% A*-E pass rate. Headteacher Mr McCullagh stated “this has obviously been an extraordinary year and the increased outcomes reflects the resilience our Year 13 cohort. I know that there is much disappointment across the country in terms of how let down many young people feel about the grading system this year”.

Whilst there are many notable success stories amongst these results, special mention must be made of these students: Onyekachi A (2 A*’s, 2 A’s) who will be studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge; Ben E (2 A*’s, 2 A’s) who will be going on to study Mathematics and Statistical Science at University College London; Nicholas M (2 A*’s, 1 A, 1 B) who will study Engineering at the University of Oxford; Micland P (2 A*’s, 1 A) who will study Economics at the University of Bath, Ifeanyichukwu N (1 A*, 2 A’s) who will be studying Economics at the University of Nottingham and Javian C (1 A*, 2 A’s) who will be studying Mathematics at Loughborough. Other superb performances included Malachi M (3 A’s) who will be studying History and Politics at the University of Warwick and Joseph F (3 A’s) who will study History also at the University of Warwick.  

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