Revision is the act of reviewing and memorising material you have already studied and understood, as preparation for exams. If you don’t understand a topic or concept fully, you will need to get a teacher, carer or friend to help you to understand. Text books and other resources may also help.

There are various ways you can revise, for example:

•  Making notes that summarise the topic
•  Drawing diagrams or mind maps that show how a process works or how ideas are related
•  Using flash cards with a word or short phrase on one side, and a detailed definition or explanation on the other
•  Look at past exam papers, and their associated mark schemes

It is important that you allocate enough time to revise for each exam you are taking. Creating a revision timetable can help you do this. To do this you will need to know:

•  The dates for all your exams
•  How many exam papers you will sit for each subject
•  Which topics are covered in which paper
•  An estimate of how much time each topic needs

With the above you can draw up a plan for what subjects and topics will be revised each week. Be realistic about how much you can achieve each day, plan for short breaks every 45 minutes, and don’t revise late the day before exams.a