GCSE results 25.08.2022

The John Fisher School has achieved yet another positive set of GCSE results, with 82% 5 A*-C (4+) including English and Maths.

89% of students secured a 4+ in English and 85% of students gained a 4+ in Maths. Headteacher Mr McCullagh stated “it is difficult to draw conclusions on changes in performance over the last few years due to the different approaches to certification that were taken. However, in terms of when public examinations were last sat in 2019, The John Fisher School has either maintained or improved on attainment scores at both GCSE and at A level regarding the key performance indicators which is incredible. The students have earned the respect and admiration of everyone in our school family in the way they have navigated through the unprecedented challenges they have faced by the pandemic over the last two years.”

27% of all the school’s GCSE grades were a 7+, the equivalent to an A*-A grade.                                  

The school’s percentage of 7+ grades in English have increased to 26% from 2019 and an amazing 35% of students achieved a 7+ in Maths. 37% of students also achieved a 7+ grade in Further Maths and there was also a strong performance in Science with 44% of students securing a 7+ in Chemistry, 50% achieving a 7+ in Biology and 57% attaining a 7+ in Physics.

Over 1/4 of all the grades in Economics were a 7+. In the Creative subjects, 1/3 of all grades in Design Technology were a 7+, 41% of all grades in Art were a 7+ and 1/2 of all of the grades in Music were a 7+. In Humanities, 1/4 of the grades in Geography were a 7+ and 39% of all grades in History were a 7+. In Languages, 29% of grades in Spanish were a 7+ and 43% of grades in French a 7+.      

Mr McCullagh said “we have had so many students secure the top grades across such a wide range of subjects including in our vocational accreditations. We wish the students the best of luck and continued success in their future endeavours, many of whom will be remaining with us and attending our Sixth Form. Having secured UNICEF’s Rights Respecting School ‘Silver’ Award last year, we will be aiming for ‘Gold’ as a school in the year ahead. We value high academic achievement and these GCSE outcomes are heart-warming to see, but we recognise the importance of developing grounded and well-rounded young Catholic gentlemen ready for life. Continuing to work with UNICEF UK will help achieve that. Our team of staff have all worked phenomenally hard over the last two years to support our young people during a time of dwindling budgets. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to each of them for their enormous effort and extraordinary resilience particularly in overcoming the uncertainty the pandemic years have caused.”

Behind the statistics and numbers, there are many astonishing success stories. The following students achieved 7, 8 or 9’s (equivalent to A/A*): Rodrigo D (10 x 9’s, 1 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s), Ka Kim N (10 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s), James D’ (6 x 9’s, 2 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s), James A (5 x 9’s, 5 x 8’s, 1 x 7), Harry P (5 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s), Robert C (4 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s), Adam L (4 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s), Matthew S (4 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s), Kieran O’ (4 x 9’s, 3 x 8’s, 1 x 7) and Owen L (3 x 9’s , 1 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s).

ollowing on from last week's impressive Sixth Form results and the success of these GCSE results, the Governing Board would like to congratulate both year groups concerned and the staff who encouraged and enabled the students to succeed in the most trying of circumstances. 

A level results 18.08.2022

Students and staff at The John Fisher School are celebrating success with their A level and vocational & technical results despite an incredibly tough two years.  These examinations were the first external assessments the Year 13 cohort have taken as the year group were unable to sit their GCSE examinations in 2020.  This year's results end two years of hard work and resilience, which is reflected in 50% A*-B grades, 77% A*-C grades with a pass rate of 99.6% at grades A*-E at A level.  There were also an impressive number of Distinction and Distinction* grades awarded in the school's vocational Business, ICT and Sports courses.  The school secured 35% A*-A grades to included vocational accreditations.  We are delighted that Year 13 were able to overcome the disruption caused by the pandemic and that students still secured places at excellent universities throughout the country.  Some of the key results from this summer in comparision to 2019, the last year examinations took place, are as follows:

A*-A grades at A level was 22% which is a 6% increase on 2019.
A*-A grades with vocational equivalents was 35% which is a 3% increase on 2019.
A*-B grades at A level was 50% which is a 7% increase on 2019.
A*-B grades with vocational equivalents was 55% which is a 3% increase on 2019.
A*-C grades at A level was 77% which is a 1% increase on 2019.

Whilst there are many notable success stories amongst these results, special mention must be made of these students: Przemyyslaw S who achieved 2 A* and 2 A grades and will be going on to study Biomedical Science at Queen Mary University of London, Ryan O (2 A*, 1 A) who will be studying Business Management at the University of Southampton, David G (2A*, 1 A) who will be studying Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, Joseph B (1A*, 2 A’s) who will be studying Mathematics at the University of Bristol, Chris O (1 A*, 2 A’s) who will be studying Business, Economics & Finance at Loughborough University, Joseph P (1 A*, 1 A and 1 Distinction*) who will also be attending Loughborough University to study Management and Jeshin M  (3 A’s) who will be studying Economics & Management at the University of Oxford. Other superb performances included Connor C (3 A’s) who will study Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, Maksymilian T who achieved 2 A’s and 1 B and will be studying Marketing at the University of Southampton, Rocco N (2A’s, 1 B) who will study Finance, Accounting & Management at the University of Nottingham and Liam B (2 A’s, 1 B) who will study Psychology at the University of Nottingham. Five students gained double or treble Distinction* grades in their Vocational Sports programme (Jay B, Ryan M, Sam S, Wayne N and Jamie S) and three students gained Distinction* grades in their Vocational Business programme (Adam F, Cameron S and Domenic O).   50% of the candidates were awarded Distinction grades in Vocational ICT.

Headteacher Mr McCullagh said: “The strength of character shown by the students due to the impact of coronavirus over the last two years is remarkable. The fact that almost one quarter of all A level grades are A*/A, half are A*-B and with over three quarters A*-C is tremendous. The school’s vocational outcomes are also very strong and I would like to pass on my thanks to the effort of the staff and for the support from our parents/carers. We couldn’t be prouder of the fantastic achievements of our exceptional young people. Our percentage of A*-A grades in literature based subjects such as English Literature (43%), Business Studies (43%), Economics (37%) and Geography (32%) is excellent and for A* grades to be awarded at A level in Maths, Biology, Economics, English Literature, Geography, Computer Science and Design and Technology is superb. Our A*-B grades in Chemistry, Design & Technology, History, Sociology and Art are also very pleasing. These results mean that our students will access the top universities in England. These outcomes reaffirm statements made by inspectors in the Spring term such as ‘the school provides a calm and orderly atmosphere in which pupil’s learning and well-being are prioritised’ and ‘the pupils’ conduct and attitudes reflect the high expectations that leaders and staff have of them’. We would encourage prospective students to attend our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 3rd November to find out more about what The John Fisher School can offer.”