The John Fisher School

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Our Christian and Shared VALUES

We are a values-led institution. Our values are rooted in scripture and are epitomised by the role models which our houses are named after. ‘ASPIRES’ is used as an acronym to encapsulate our Christian and shared values and ‘ASPIRES’ is woven through our values and actions. Each of the letters stand for a value our staff subscribe to, teach explicitly and are uncompromising around.

These are the values which are embedded into school life and which students will develop whilst at the John Fisher School.

  • ACCEPTANCE: We identify our talents. We flourish together.
  • SERVICE: We serve each other. We serve our community.
  • PERSEVERANCE: We take on challenges. We never give up.
  • INTEGRITY: We take action. We uphold our values.
  • RESPECT: We respect ourselves. We respect one another.
  • ENJOYMENT: We participate joyfully. We seek growth urgently.
  • SELFLESSNESS: We give without reason. We put others first.



Being a values-led institution is about having a culture of high standards for everyone who learns and works in our school helping them to develop high expectations of themselves.

These are our mindset and behavioural beliefs which underpin all we do and guide our actions:

  • High Expectations
  • No Excuses
  • No Islands