The John Fisher School

School Travel Plan

School Travel Plan May 2015 - UPDATED


John Fisher Pupils' Eco School Film - 'Make a Difference' 


The John Fisher School Travel Plan aims to do the following things:

  • reduce the number of vehicles on the school run
  • improve safety on the school journey
  • encourage healthy and environmentally friendly travel choices

Our school uses its School Travel Plan to demonstrate a real commitment to the promotion of health, environmental and community issues. It helps to support and define school policies in relation to travel which can then be embedded in the ethos and ongoing development and improvement plans of our school.

The John Fisher School is one of only a few schools in the TfL region to have achieved Gold (Outstanding) Level for its travel plan.

A School Travel Plan is a document which identifies the issues surrounding the journey  pupils make to and from school, sets out agreed aims to overcome these issues and outlines a series of practical steps to reduce the number of car trips made to school by parents, children and staff and improve children’s safety on the journey to and from school. The School Travel Plan helps us to achieve real change for our school.