The John Fisher School

Past Students

Initial intake of 20 boys in 1929.

Since 1929 over 10,000 boys have attended the John Fisher School. From just 20 in its first year there are now over 1000 boys at the school each year – all part of the John Fisher family. The Old Boys Association was formed to further the traditions and principles of the School by arranging social, sporting and other activities and to enable former students and staff of the School to maintain contact with each other. Former students of the School are encouraged to join the Association and to continue to retain their links with our school.

To find out more just visit the John Fisher Old Boys’ Association website.

Notable Alumni



Arts & Media




  • Walter d'Hondt - Olympic Rower
  • Martyn Rooney - Olympic Athlete
  • Derry Coughlan - Rugby Union
  • Tim & Chris Murtagh - Cricket
  • Zane Scotland - PGA Tour golfer
  • Keiran Stanton - PGA Tour golfer
  • Simon Hunt - Rugby Union
  • Paul Sackey - Rugby Union
  • Matthew Williams - Rugby Union
  • George Skivington - Rugby Union
  • Kyle Traynor - Rugby Union
  • Ricky Nebbett - Rugby Union
  • Sean Crowley - Trans-Atlantic rower
  • Mike Nestor - Trans-Atlantic rower
  • Franz Stampfi - Athletics coach
  • Alistair Chay McKenzie - Rugby Union
  • Laurie Evans - Cricketer
  • Matthew Leek - Rugby
  • Simon King - Cricketer
  • Dan Leek - Rugby