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AEN: Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer


The AEN Department

Our School is an inclusive school, meaning we support students with a variety of needs and adapt methods of learning to the students. We are able to support our students in all aspects of their school day. 

Our department is made up of SENDCO (teacher) and Teaching Assistants (TA).  We also have a number of outside agency staff that come in to support a wide range of students. The help that our students benefit from include in-class support, small group work, 1-to-1 lessons, specialised interventions, and much more.


What is the John Fisher School's SEND Local Offer?

Our SEND Local Offer describes the range of provision and support available to support identified students as and when appropriate.  From time to time some students require additional support for a set period of time to help meet their needs or improve their learning. The decision to do is based on a variety of factors including academic progress, and/or assessments carried out by teaching staff or other professionals.  It may also be based on ensuring students have a smooth transition into school or require support when going through significant change either at home or school. Some students will require support for a longer period of time to ensure they can access the curriculum effectively and be included fully in classroom learning and school events. Support will be planned by school staff and where appropriate by external professionals. This Offer is subject to change depending on budgetary constraints and policy review.

Key Documents

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The John Fisher School's SEND Local Offer
The John Fisher School's SEND Glossary of Terms
Does my child have a SEND?
DfE's Letter to Parents re: SEND


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Mental Health Foundation: The truth about self-harm for young people and their friends and families

Our staff supported a total of 1,647 children and young people last year. With the Christmas holidays approaching, we are expecting to receive hundreds more calls, texts and emails. And now, we’re available for a 1-2-1 online chat as well.

Runaway Helpline is run by the charity Missing People and is the only helpline in the UK that’s here for young people thinking about running away, for free, 24/7.

Our new 1-2-1 online chat system means young people can now talk to a member of our team through our website and on their mobile phones, free of charge.

58,401 children and young people were reported missing in England and Wales last year. Help us to reach out to them so that they know we’re here.

Order or download free Runaway Helpline materials here

Why young people run away:

 It might be bullying, exam stress, not feeling safe at home, abuse or exploitation. Maybe everything just feels like too much to handle. Whatever causes a young person to want to run away, being away from home makes a young person more vulnerable to crime and harm.


What we can do for young people:

 Runaway Helpline offers free, confidential, 24/7 support to young people at any stage of running away; before they go, while they’re away, and even when they’re back home.


What you can do for young people:

 Before the Christmas holidays, tell them about our new 1-2-1 online chat service and our 24/7 helpline, so that they know we’re here for them.