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    Top GCSE Grades at John Fisher

    The John Fisher School has achieved yet another strong set of GCSE results, with 81% 5 A*-C (4+) including English and Maths.

    The more demanding GCSE examinations do not seem to have had an impact at John Fisher with 90% of students securing a 4+ in English and 93% of students gaining a 4+ in Maths.

    Headteacher Mr McCullagh said “fortunately the tougher new GCSE’s have not resulted in a drop in our results. In fact, our percentage of 4+ grades in English has increased by 10% on our 2018 results and the percentage of our 5+ grades in English has increased by 11% to 74% which is fantastic.”             

    25% of all the school’s GCSE grades were a 7+, the equivalent to an A*-A grade.

    The school’s percentage of 5+ grades in Maths have increased by 11% to 77% and an amazing 36% of students achieved a 7+ in Maths. 15 students were awarded a grade ‘9’ (exceptional performance).

    Over two thirds (67%) of all grades in Chemistry were 7+ grades and over half of all grades in Physics (53%) and Biology (63%) were also 7+ grades. There were also strong performances across the board in Humanities with almost 1/4 of all the grades in R.E, History and Geography being 7+.

    Mr McCullagh said “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students on their deserved success in their examinations which are deliberately designed to be more challenging. Our team of staff, parents/carers and governors have all worked effectively together to support our young people and have put in an enormous effort. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to each of them.”

    Behind the statistics and numbers, there are many astonishing success stories. The following students achieved a very impressive array ofA*/A’s & 7, 8 or 9:

    Ademola O (9 x 9’s, 1A*, 2 x 8’s),
    Daniel F.B (5 x 9’s, 1 x A*, 2 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s),
    Henry O (5 x 9’s, 4 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s),
    Piotr B (4 x 9’s, 1 x A*, 3 x 8’s, 3 x 7’s),
    Shaun B (4 x 9’s, 2 A*, 4 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s),
    Toshin O (4 x 9’s, 1 x A*, 4 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s),
    Galvin B (3 x 9’s, 2 x A*, 3 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s),
    Michal S (3 x 9’s, 1 x A*, 5 x 8’s, 2 x 7’s),
    Fintan A (2 x 9’s , 4 x 8’s, 1 x A, 2 x 7’s).

    Further A-level success for The John Fisher School Sixth Form 15.08.19

    Students and staff at The John Fisher School are celebrating success with their A-level and Btec results. At A-level, 16% of all grades were A*-A and 32% A*-A with Btec equivalents. 43% of grades at A-level were A*-B grades and 52% A*-B with Btec equivalents. At A-level, 76% of grades were A*-C and overall there was a 100% A*-E pass rate. There was also an impressive number of Distinction and Distinction* grades awarded in Btec Sport and Btec Business courses. The school secured 81% A*-C grades at A-level including Btec equivalents.

    Headteacher Mr McCullagh stated “thanks to their effort, the dedication of the staff and the support of our parents/carers; the whole John Fisher community is able to congratulate this Year 13 on their achievements. The current challenges in education have been well documented so we are proud of this year group and their success against all the odds.” The John Fisher School has had a strong track record in STEM subjects at Sixth Form in recent years which is consistent with the 2019 results particularly in Chemistry (31% A*-A) and in Physics (50% A*-B). However, there have also been strong performances in subjects such as Economics (68% A*-B), Geography (60% A*-B), English Literature (50% A*-B), History (50% A*-B) and Media Studies (50% A*-B). Mr McCullagh stated “our Sixth Form is tremendously important to us as a school. Our commitment to maintain the breadth of curriculum offer has paid off when you consider the grades which have been achieved in a wide range of subjects including Psychology (80% A*-C) and Politics (79% A*-C).” In Religious Studies, 75% of all grades were A*-B which reaffirms statements made by inspectors in May regarding the ‘very good subject knowledge of the teachers’ and the ‘safe and positive learning environment where relationships between pupils and their teachers is a strength.’

    Whilst there are many notable success stories amongst these results, special mention must be made of these students: Joe J (2 A*, 1 A) who will be studying Economics & Management at the University of Bristol; Luke R who achieved 2 A* grades and 1 B and will be going on to study Computer Science at the University of Bath; Matthew C (1 A*, 2 A’s, 1 B) who will study Actuarial Sciences at Heriot-Watt University; Jeffrey O (1 A*, 2 A’s) who will study Biomedical Science, Thomas S (3 A’s) who will be studying American Studies & English at the University of Nottingham and Aidan C (3 A’s) who will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton. Other superb performances included Charlie B who achieved 2 A’s and 1 B who will be studying Biomedical Science at George’s, University of London and Alex G (2 A’s, 1 B) who will study Economics at the University of Nottingham. Four students gained all Distinction grades in Btec Sport (Charlie C, Dylan D’, Mervin S and Tyriq W) and six students secured a combination of Distinction and Distinction* grades in Btec Business (Sam A, Dominique S, William O, Matthew J, Matthew G and Martin D).

    The consistently strong academic outcomes and the breadth of the curricular programme makes the ‘Outstanding’ Sixth Form (Ofsted) an excellent place to study. Prospective students are encouraged to attend The John Fisher School Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 7th November to find out more about what the school can offer.

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