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    7th Heaven at John Fisher! 

    Following on from last week's outstanding A-level results we are delighted to report further student success this week with our GCSE results. With the increase in difficulty of the new examinations, the school is very pleased with the achievement of its students. These results include superb performance at the highest grades, as 21% of all exam entries received A*/A (7, 8 or 9). 35% of all grades in Maths were 7, 8 or 9. 46% of grades in Chemistry were a 7+, 40% of grades in Physics were 7+ and 42% of grades in Biology were also a 7, 8 or 9. There were also further strong performances across the board in Design Technology (41% 7+), Geography (31% 7+), Food Technology (30% 7+), ICT (27% 7+) and History (26% 7+).

    Headteacher, Mr McCullagh, said: “Last week, we were delighted with one quarter of our grades either A or A* grades at A-level and over half A*-A grades with BTEC equivalents. This week, again, the numbers of students excelling with 7, 8, 9, A*/A grades is fantastic. We have a proud tradition of academic brilliance at John Fisher and despite the increased rigour of the new examinations our teaching staff have been able to guide our students to achieve the highest grades. 79% of students achieved a 4+ in Maths and 80% of students achieved a 4+ in English. There had been forecasts of a dip in the proportion of students achieving the new pass grade nationally and like all comprehensive schools we have some students who will have been impacted by the tougher examinations. Despite the radical shake up and change at Key Stage 4 the number of top grades being awarded to students from The John Fisher School is a testament to the level of effort and dedication of all the staff and students; there is no substitute for hard work.”

    Special mention must be made of the following students: Simon Dasig (one 7, three 8’s, six 9’s & one A*), Benjamin Evans (one 7, five 8’s, four 9’s, one A & one A*), Joseph Flynn (three 7’s, four 8’s, two 9’s & one A), Louis Wilson (five 7’s, three 8’s, two A’s & one A*), Thomas Millen (five 7’s, three 8’s & three A’s), Nicholas McColgan (two 7’s, five 8’s, one 9, two A’s & one A*), Oscar Kingaby (three 7’s & five 8’s), Carmelo Marino (five 7’s & three 8’s), John Clifford (seven 7’s, one 8 & one A), Eoin McLaughlin (seven 7’s & two A’s), Micland Pali (three 7’s, three 8’s, one 9 & two A’s), Javian Corera (one 7, six 8’s & one A) and Michael Mbomena (five 7’s, one 8, one A & one A*).

    Mr McCullagh said: “There is still work we can do. We want to further develop our curriculum, embed leadership at all levels and continue to promote the Catholic life of the school. There remains an appetite for change at John Fisher although we are being careful not to lose sight of our core mission which is to nurture young Catholic gentlemen. In the new academic year, we will continue to work on developing a well rooted growth mindset approach supporting students to become both academically successful and morally responsive.”

    Founded in 1929, The John Fisher School caters for over 1000 boys. There is a strong pastoral system which aims to instil the Christian values of service, integrity, respect and selflessness. The school’s motto is ‘Fortuna Favente’-‘by the favour of fortune’. There is a strong emphasis on cultural enrichment through activities such as music, drama, chess and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The school encourages its students to be sportsmen, debators and artists. Prospective students are encouraged to attend The John Fisher School Open Evening in the first term which takes place on Thursday 13th September.

    Top A-level Grades at The John Fisher School

    The John Fisher School has once again sustained its excellent A-level and BTEC results record achieving 51% A*-A grades and 68% A*-B. Headteacher, Mr McCullagh, stated “for over half of all grades achieved in our Sixth Form to be A* or A grades across our A-levels and Btec’s is exceptional and with 68% A*-B grades we are obviously delighted. We smashed our A*-A target by almost 10% which is fantastic and to increase the percentage of A*-B grades by 12% on last year is superb. At a time of increased rigour and change at Key Stage 5 our teaching staff and Sixth Form team have been able to guide our students to achieve these wonderful outcomes.” Some of the key results are:

    A*-A grades at A-level with BTEC equivalents was 51%,
    which is a 14% increase on 2017.

    A*-B grades with BTEC equivalents was 68%,
    which is a 14% increase on 2017.

    The school secured 76% A*-C grades at A-level
    and 86% including BTEC equivalents.

    62% of all grades in Maths and 86% in Further Maths were A*-A grades. 35% of all grades in Economics and 38% of grades in Art were also A*-A grades. Over two thirds (67%) of all History grades were A*-B. As part of its determination to maintain its breadth of curriculum offer and its emphasis on academic and cultural excellence, the school also achieved top grades in French, Russian and Music. There were also further strong performances across the board in Chemistry (86% A*-C), Government & Politics (86% A*-C), Business Studies (82% A*-C), Physics (75% A*-C) and Geography (75% A*-C).

    Whilst there are many notable success stories amongst these results, special mention must be made of the following students: Thomas I who achieved 1 A* and 3 A grades and will be going on to study Physics at the University of Edinburgh; Dominic H , Thomas S and Daniel T who all achieved 1 A* & 2 A’s and who will be studying Mathematics at Nottingham, Leeds & Birmingham respectively; Daniel R (1 A*, 2 A’s) who will be studying Geography at the University of St. Andrews and Mark W (3 A’s) who will be studying History and Politics at the University of Warwick. Other notable performances included Joseph C who achieved 2 A’s and 1 B who will be studying Economics at Loughborough University, Jake H (2 A’s, 1 B) who will be studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Surrey; Dominic O (2 A’s, 1 B) who will be studying Architecture at the University of Liverpool and Karl R (2 A’s, 1 B) who will be studying Psychology at Newcastle University; Eoin O (1 A and 3 B’s) and Mario B, Luke B, Aaron C, Ashley H, Jason J, Ben M & Matthew M (all 1 A and 2 B’s).  Four students gained all Distinction Star grades in BTEC Triple Award Business Studies (Anthony D, Luca M, Oscar R and Michael S) and Lewis G, Azrayel M and Joshua S all gained Distinction Star grades in BTEC Triple Award Sport. The school is also very proud of its strong performance in BTEC ICT.

    Mr McCullagh stated that "we were confident what this year group could achieve on the back of a successful year for the school. I would like to congratulate Year 13 on their excellent results and wish the students every success in the future. These outcomes confirm Ofsted’s statements in January about our Sixth Form in that it is ‘very successful’ and ‘students achieve highly at A-level’. Our sustained positive outcomes are as a result of the sharply focused determination of the teachers and the dogged persistence of our Sixth Form team. The Sixth Form is well led and we have leaders who think ambitiously, work collaboratively and are thoughtful about details. We have assembled another high performing group of Sixth Form tutors for next year who once they have had the opportunity to reconnect with life outside of school this summer will return feeling energised and raring to go. We rely heavily on help from our support staff, Governors, the John Fisher Association, the Diocese and the Local Authority. I hope that all of these stakeholders can share in the success of these results. I feel fortunate to work alongside staff members who not only prepare students effectively for examinations but provide extended learning opportunities and broaden the horizons of our young people as well. Members of our community feel a warm affinity to The John Fisher School and there is real collective vibrancy. I would encourage prospective students to attend our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 8th November to find out more.”

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