Senior Ski Trip - USA 2017

On Friday 10th February, John Fisher and St. Phil’s set off on their trip to Boston. Once everyone had arrived we checked in, went through security and killed a few hours before boarding our flight.

After the draining six and a half hour flight was over, a very tired group got on a coach to take us to our hotel, where we quietly got our room keys and trudged off to bed.

The next morning, after enjoying a wonderful breakfast, we boarded the coach, and after Mr. Laventure voted Dominique the first ‘Wally of the Day’, for an excessive use of his phone, we were on our way to the ski resort for ski fit and meeting our instructors. Once there we were split into two groups, skiers and non-skiers, with the skiers going up some of the simpler runs to get back into the swing of things, while the non-skiers stayed at the bottom to learn the ropes. In the evening we enjoyed a church service at a local parish, where we got a mention from the priest, which prompted lots of questions from the parishioners! 

The next day’s skiing was more of the same, with the top group getting on to some harder courses; where some falls started to come, and some of the more natural non-skiers managing to get up the mountain, with Patrick being crowned the second ‘Wally of the Day’, for dropping his pole off the lift. That evening was our first shopping trip, where we spoiled for choice in the nearby Settlers’ Green Outlet Village.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t ski on the third day due to a heavy snow storm the night before, so after breakfast we were taken to Walmart to stock up on supplies and for lunch at a nearby restaurant. The rest of the day was taken up by a snow ball fight, where we could let off some steam, followed by a trip to the cinema in the evening.

Skiing was back on the next day, and all the fresh snow provided perfect conditions, Mr. Laventure describing it as some of the best conditions he had ever seen in his many years skiing. The top group managed to explore some of the tree runs and go off-piste, while the non-skiers where making good progress as well. That evening saw us off to a nearby bowling alley, where great fun was had by all.

The final day’s skiing saw more of the same perfect conditions as the previous day, with the top group getting onto some of the steeper slopes on the resort and exploring more of the tree runs the resort had to offer, with the non-skiers doing some of the same; the two groups even managed to merge for one final descent of the mountain, before handing in our skis, with St. Phil’s teacher, Miss Wheeler getting the final ‘Wally of the Day’ for her ski lift accident! The last night’s entertainment was a quiz and party games, a great way to finish off the trip.

The final morning saw us packing and checking out of our rooms and some last minute shopping before heading back home.

A special thank you must be said to Mr. Laventure, Mr. Tomlinson, Miss Ellis and Miss Wheeler from St. Phil’s and Sooty, our ski company rep, who kept us all in check and made the trip so enjoyable.

Joe Rendell Year 11