Peoples' interactions with each other and the planet are becoming more pronounced. With technology increasingly drawing the world closer together, Geography helps bring an understanding to this complex and unpredictable situation.

So many of the world's current issues – at a global scale and locally - boil down to Geography, and need the geographers of the future to help us understand them. Issues such as global warming as it affects countries and regions, food, water and energy shortages, the spread of disease, the degradation of land and soils from over-use and misuse, the causes and consequences of migration, and the impacts of economic change on countries, regions and communities. These are just some of the challenges facing the next generation who must use this understanding to make informed and independent decisions.

The Geography Department is well-resourced, with a bank of resources, which engage and inspire students. DVDs/maps & photo resources are used to support lessons where appropriate.

The Department is well supplied with course textbooks for KS3 & 4. Students taking AS/A Level are required to buy their own copy of their specification textbook to act as a first point of reference for their private study.

Aims of the Geography Department

The geography department aims to equip students with:

a knowledge and understanding of current events from the local area to the global

an enquiring mind about our earth and its peoples in order to gain an understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures and backgrounds

an understanding of the features of our earth - such as mountains, rivers and volcanoes - and how they were formed

a range of useful skills such as map reading, data collection, ICT and problem solving.

Enrichment Activities and Trips

A visit from Zoolab to show year seven’s the creepy crawlies of the Tropical Rainforest

A trip to the science and Natural History Museums to help with their Summer projects

Relief challenge: Can they help survivors of a natural disaster?

Geography/Economics club –

Geographical Association ‘Geography of the year’ competition

UCL and Royal Holloway evening lectures for Sixth Formers

Swanage – coastal investigation

Iceland – a glacier/volcanic investigation

And many more!!!